What to know before getting started on promoting your Airbnb on social media

Social media presence for your STR can do wonders for your vacation rental business. Identifying specific strategies that work with each platform is very important in order to effectively utilize social media and increase traffic to your listing. A thoughtful approach is necessary to make the most of the time you spend on these platforms & convert more bookings. Below are some options and tips on how to best promote your listings on social media.

Plan out your social media strategy in advance

Think about your goal here: do you want to stay in touch with your returning guests? Are you trying to attract people from certain geographies? Is your goal channeling traffic to your direct booking site? Settling on 1-2 goals can help you focus your efforts and strategize accordingly.

Currently, the most popular social media platforms for STR businesses are Facebook and Instagram, followed by Pinterest. While they all offer ways to connect with prospects and promote your listing, their differences make each one more suitable for slightly different objectives.

screenshot of an airbnb host group on facebook, where hosts share tips and advice with each other
Lots of great advice and conversations in Airbnb Host Groups on Facebook!

Identify best practices and borrow from other successful hosts

Vacation rental industry grew massively over the past decade which means there are myriad resources available for you to learn from others’ best practices. Facebook groups such as this one or this one (and there are many more) are great resources for you to learn from the experiences of other hosts and see how others design their logos, get bookings via social media, leverage ads to generate traffic, etc. The thousands of hosts managing various types of properties across the globe provide a great opportunity to learn about what works.

screenshot of an airbnb host group for rentals in St John, Virgin Islands, with more than 4 thousand members
Get those last-minute bookings while practicing different pitches!

Find online platforms used by guests to plan their trip & get on them

Online search and platforms such as Craigslist and Pinterest are heavily used by guests as they research the perfect location for their next trip. Also, there are local STR groups already available on Facebook (such as this one for properties in St. John VI) where many guests looking for last-minute vacancies directly connect with hosts. You can join these groups and share details and updates about your property to attract your future guests, which can get you started with some social media exposure and allow you to work on your messaging. If there is no local Facebook group for your area, you can even start one! These groups will give you more information on what potential guests to your area are looking for and can help you shape your narrative accordingly.

Understand your guest demographics & their interests

Different demographics prefer different platforms, and location preferences for trips change based on demographics. Think about what activities are available at your location & property, and which traveler groups may find that attractive. Your answer to this question may determine which social media platform could be more useful to you. Such research will also help you understand the aesthetic choices of your potential guests so that you can tailor your social media content accordingly.

Once you complete your research and settle on your social media strategy, go deeper to identify the best ways to use social media and maximize your bookings!

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