Best social media practices to promote your Airbnb

Social media presence will increase your bookings and help you retain and grow your customer base. Different platforms may better suit your needs depending on your goals with a social media account. Regardless, the following best practices will help you grab your followers' attention and grow your base.

a sample facebook page for a vacation rental in Maine, US
A dedicated page to highlight everything speacial about your place.
  • Create a page specific to your listing. Instead of your personal Facebook or Instagram accounts, an individual page to promote your listing can be much more effective in reflecting the full character and experience of staying at your property. If you have multiple listings, consider creating separate Facebook and Instagram pages for each. A page per listing avoids confusion by allowing guests to review what every property offers, provides you much better data to track traffic and effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
  • Use great photos to entice followers. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. Your target audience is bombarded with posts on social media every minute, and the number one thing that attracts their attention is the visual content. Your photos need to be interesting and high quality to engage your audience.
  • Catchy captions for active engagement. Writing captions is an art, and using them smartly could significantly increase the value you generate on social media. You want to convey your key messages as concisely as possible while also using catchy phrases, questions, and personable anectodes to capture attention and engage your viewers.
a sample Instagram post from an airbnb host showing a snowy forest to demonsrate how to effectively share experiences during a stay. the caption reads: My favorite breakfast:avocado toast, egg over-easy, coffee, and forest views
Pique interest with questions or memorable quotes, highlighting the experience.
  • Highlight experiences. Social media is ultimately about experiences. Do not just list the features of your property, but show how it would feel to stay at your property and experience various attractions that take place in your area.
a photo from a wedding hosted at an airbnb shared by the bride.
Your guests tagging you on social media is the real stamp of approval promising amazing stays.
  • Online interactions with guests is a massive advertisement opportunity, don't miss it! There is no better way to make your listing feel more personal than sharing the experience of your past guests. Encourage your past guests to tag your listing with their posts and leave reviews.

  • Keep an active presence. Travel and leisure is a huge part of social media. There are numerous posts created by both hosts and guests to promote and share their experiences. Make it easier for guests to find you by engaging with posts created by others, leaving comments and suggestions to increase your presence and visibility.

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