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Our content aware AI is optimized for property image enhancements: to level horizontal lines, correct vertical lines, even out exposure, adjust lens distortion.

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Oda adapts to your visual style. Share a sample image/portfolio and we automatically match mood, colors, and texture to your visual inspiration.

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We automatically adjust for lighting to give your property a fresh, airy look.


Includes basic enhancement features + angle correction, removing lens distortions, super-resolution, content-aware editing. For businesses, please check

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oda Studio first analyses your images and uses the results from this analysis to improve images in several steps. The analysis checks the quality of the image for a number of technical aspects (including fundamentals such as lighting, brightness, angles, color balance, exposure, sharpness, etc.) and detects objects and areas in your photos that require attention (e.g. view from the window, tv on a wall). After the analysis, enhancements are applied while paying attention to objects and framing. Framing adjustments and angle corrections applied to complete the editing process.

Oda Studio treats batch images as a portfolio and ensures consistency and a coherent look for improved appeal and professionalism.

No. Our models are specifically trained to make sure your images remain accurate through the editing process. We are very careful about avoiding misrepresentation and take extra precautions to ensure your images remain accurate. The main goal of the enhancement is to auto-correct for distortions caused by camera lenses and match the colors and framing to what the human eye would see.

Broadly speaking, Oda Studio generates “appealing images” in the sense that most people would find the enhanced version of the image more appealing than its other versions.

Obviously, how nice or how much better an image looks could be subjective. To get around this challenge, we use many parameters (including technical measures as well as click-through rates) to generate feedback from users across different regions and fine-tune our enhancements based on the preference data we collect.

Glad you asked! We believe there are a number of elements in our approach that tailor our service specifically to meet the needs of real estate images:

1. Our ability to segment objects and parts of the image allows us to avoid broad-brush enhancements that improve one part of the image while messing up other things in the frame.

2. Our portfolio approach creates a consistent look throughout images, one of the biggest added values from working with professional photographers and a major driver of interest in online image portfolios.

3. Proprietary AI models allow our users to tap into the massive know-how we built from processing and enhancing tons of images across various property types and different geographies. Think about the knowledge a professional photographer brings to the table - and multiply that with thousands; no human has been exposed to and worked on as many real estate images as our models have.

The ultimate decision is up to you, but based on our extensive research we think most “decent” looking images can still be improved to provide tangible marketing benefits to real estate businesses. Given the amount of online image content you compete against, it is essential for you to post the most attention-grabbing photos in order to maximize your click-through rates. Not improving property images cause crooked walls, off focal points, washed-out views from the window to be immediately visible to your prospects. These distortions may seem minor, but they do add up and reduce trust in potential customers. The need to provide frequently updated images adds to the challenge, increasing the value we provide by saving you time, coordination costs, and potentially hours of manual work.

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